Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Holidays

I was just at the Rocketfeller tree lighting ceremony this week. It was such a beautiful sight. I guess one thing I really truly love about New York is the awesome and contiguous Holiday spirits. Everyone has big smiles on their faces and are in such a giving mood. Today on the subways.. I actually saw someone gave up their seat for an older lady! I am not saying that this is shocking to me, but it is almost very rare to see something like that in New York!! And it made everyone that was sitting in the cart so happy instantly!! I love the holidays, I wish everyone could be like this year round! It would be so great!! But anyways, just want to say...Hope everyone is having a wonderful and enjoying your time with families. Cheers! =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography - Possible New Hobby?

Been thinking about picking up a new hobby lately... I am actually deciding between photography and guitar.  I am leaning more towards photography because I see so many crazy but cool things everyday.  It would be awesome if I could capture it and then go back to the moment by looking at the pictures. Anyways, I am not going to buy a super expensive camera for my first time, but I have heard Nikon is the best choice. 

Now that black Friday is just around the corner, I definitely need to do some research first before making the actual purchase. I know I am definitely going to go with the Nikon brand and right now deciding between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000 model.

Anybody has any take on this? Please let me know! There are so many choices out there, it would be nice to know which one would be best for newbies like me.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh New York.

It's been a year and a few months now that I have been living in New York.  The crazy part is that I am just beginning to feel like I am finally fitting in.  I remember my first subway experience like it was yesterday...  Actually, I should say my first subway station experience....

There I was... huffing and puffing into the train station dragging behind me two very heavy luggage and a gym bag around my shoulder. I got my metrocard with ease but going over the turnstile was a different story... Yes this may seem like an easy task had you not been.... traveling for the last 6 hours, lost and confused, and just plain tired and cranky.  I distinctively remember throwing my "jeans" suitcase that weigh almost 100 lbs over the turnstile.  (I called it my "jeans" suitcase not because it was the material that the luggage was made of, but simply because I had stuffed over 20 pairs of jeans in there.  Why? Because I absolutely love jeans and good jeans are so hard to come by. So THAT is why I have decided to pack all my jeans.  Okay.. not really all of them, but close enough.) Anyways, the luggage made a huge thump sound as it hit the floor and then all eyes were on me. oops!  Then, after both of my luggage were on the other side... finally it was my body's turn.  Stupidly I don't know why I did not think about taking the gym bag off my shoulders first.... probably because I wanted to jam myself in between the bars and look like a complete idiot. Yup that was it. Mission accomplished.

A few seconds later while looking at the subway map...
You are here - JFK
Destination - Wall Steet

Why did I not look at the map before going into the subway station? Because I am smart.. and I like to make things more difficult for myself. Now, had I been more prepared and focused... I would have realized that 1) I am on the wrong side of the tracks and 2) estimated travel time is about an hour and half.  Yup, by this time I wanted to punch somebody.  (yes I am a violent person and you should be worried.)

After I re-hauled my luggage and body over the turnstile again... (and I did remember the second time that gym bag goes first and then my body goes second. Surprisingly, an easy concept after all.) That it was probably best for me to hail a taxi and pay the $45 dollar ride into the city.  Without another hestiation, that is exactly what I did. The day was saved and I was happy again.

You may say that I’m a dreamer… But I’m not the only one.

This website is dedicated to everyone that made me laugh until my stomach hurt, pointed their fingers at me, held my hands when I was afraid, left me while I cried, sang with me while I danced, kicked me while I was down, hugged me when I was hurting, made fun of me, pushed me when I was ready to give up, ignored me when I wanted attention, encouraged me when I was feeling down, walked away from me, supported my dumb ideas, ridiculed me for my faults, inspired me to go above and beyond, poked at my insecurities, motivated me towards success,  created positive changes in my life, kept me grounded, and judged without knowing me.

Thank you for making me who I am today.