Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography - Possible New Hobby?

Been thinking about picking up a new hobby lately... I am actually deciding between photography and guitar.  I am leaning more towards photography because I see so many crazy but cool things everyday.  It would be awesome if I could capture it and then go back to the moment by looking at the pictures. Anyways, I am not going to buy a super expensive camera for my first time, but I have heard Nikon is the best choice. 

Now that black Friday is just around the corner, I definitely need to do some research first before making the actual purchase. I know I am definitely going to go with the Nikon brand and right now deciding between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000 model.

Anybody has any take on this? Please let me know! There are so many choices out there, it would be nice to know which one would be best for newbies like me.

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